Design and development of a Web Application.

The College wanted to develop an application that helps to digitally record and document a grave and gravestone. We worked together with the college’s lecturers Dr.Efrat Kantor and Dr.Michael J May. Together, we planed and researched how we can build the best application for that purpose, by designing a good user experience and needed functionality that people will use. Today, we continue working together on improving the app and adding new features that will excite the users 🙂


Website Re-design, HubSpot Landing Pages and Maintenance. 

OzCode is a startup company, that changes, and grow Fast. Our role is to help the in-house marketing teams. Mainly we work with the team on building a flexible website that can be changed by everyone in the team.


Design and development of a Web Application.

Inviapp is event management application. Inviapp enables you to make descriptive landing pages for your events and share them with your invitees. 

Our mission was to simplify the invitation process, make it quick and easy to use and flawless performens from development side.


Website Development and Maintenance.

M51 is a group of companies, that invests in people and ideas. We provide maintenance services for the company and help marketing team with projects that they need.


Design and development of WordPress website.

In this project, we work with their  marketing team on implementing a new brand and new company website.

Sales Kenes

Custom made event website.

We created a great marketing tool. This website made to grow and and sell event tickets for a long time. Every one from the marketing team can easily update the website.
We made this flexible website with thought of the future events and marketing needs.

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