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We help with all your ongoing technical tasks


Introductory Conversation

This is where we get to know your business and consult you on how we can contribute to your vision and needs. Based on your individual goals we will fit the perfect plan for you.


Send Your Technical Tasks

Each month we will go over the tasks for the upcoming  month so they are synchronized – allowing us to create a productive and efficient daily work routine.


Relax & Get the Job Done!

We will help you deliver all marketing tasks properly and on time.
We will also advise you regarding the improvements you can make to your website as well as marketing assets.

We’re just like an additional member of your marketing team

Personal Account Manager

Your personal account manager will be your contact for every need, will ensure the job moving and performed in the way best possible and will, take care of all related projects and tasks.

High Availability

Full availability during work hours, and in any case of emergency we will assist within 8 hours.


You get access to all source files while we attend to project organization and documentation and keep you regularly updated on project’s progress and tasks. 

Here are some examples of how we can help you:

Tech Tasks

Risk-free contract

We identify your needs and set a monthly hour quota to meet your company’s needs at a fixed monthly rate → You can cancel at any time

We identify your needs and set a monthly hour quota to meet your company’s needs at a fixed monthly rate or by working with a bank of work hours.

Choose your monthly Plan:


Tailored for SMALL volume tasks

monthly hours


Tailored for MEDIUM volume tasks


monthly hours

Business Grow

Tailored for LARGE volume tasks

monthly hours

Why us

We are a long-term partner that provides you peace of mind

Frequent questions

In Case You were Wondering…

We will gladly contact you so that we can have a better understanding of your needs, and fit the right monthly hours package just for you.

This really depends on the project at hand.

Once you provide us with a task, your account manager will estimate the number of work hours this task would take, and will provide you with a project timeline.

For example – a standard landing page, design and development can take to create approximately 15 hours.

You can assign all your task requests to your account manager via email.

We will invite to our project management tool where you can easily track the progress of your task, change priorities and leave comments.

We will set an estimated numbers of work hours, time and deadline on each task in advance.

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